Ikon rundstång
Ikon rundstång
Ikon rundstång
Ikon rundstång
Ikon rundstång
Ikon rundstång

Available dimensions and formats
Article status:
L: standard stock goods
B: non standard, possibly in stock
U: discontinued product, possibly in stock

Rod, natural


Ø Ca weight Article number Status Enquiry
10 mm 0,08 kg/m H146.3.2-4550 L Request quotation
20 mm 0,32 kg/m H146.3.2-4551 L Request quotation
30 mm 0,70 kg/m H146.3.2-4552 L Request quotation
40 mm 1,23 kg/m H146.3.2-4553 L Request quotation
50 mm 1.93 kg/m H146.3.2-4554 L Request quotation
60 mm 2,77 kg/m H146.3.2-4555 L Request quotation
70 mm 3,75 kg/m H146.3.2-4556 L Request quotation
80 mm 5,1 kg/m H146.3.2-4557 L Request quotation
90 mm 6,2 kg/m H146.3.2-4558 L Request quotation
100 mm 7,6 kg/m H146.3.2-4559 L Request quotation
130 mm 13,0 kg/m H146.3.2-4560 L Request quotation
160 mm 20,0 kg/m H146.3.2-4561 L Request quotation
180 mm 24,7 kg/m H146.3.2-4562 L Request quotation
200 mm 30,9 kg/m H146.3.2-4563 L Request quotation
225 mm 39,8 kg/m H146.3.2-4564 L Request quotation
250 mm 49,0 kg/m H146.3.2-4565 L Request quotation
300 mm 68,7 kg/m H146.3.2-4566 L Request quotation

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